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Mission Critical Enterprise Software Solutions

Our customers include:

  • Curtiss-Wright
  • McGraw-Hill
  • Rooms To Go
  • Universal
  • Morrisons
  • BlueShore
  • NYU Langone
  • Intuitive
  • Phoenix Contact
  • Konica Minolta

Why evolve your business with Avolin?

Seamless cloud transformation

Avolin brings the power of cloud transformation to thousands of organizations around the world. Our strategy is to create a seamless journey to the cloud that can meet your individual business and risk requirements.

Innovation that drives value

Avolin solutions ensure you get maximum value from your IT investments, with unrivalled commercial and technical simplicity. We give you rapid access to the latest innovative capabilities, helping you to optimize your mission-critical software, now and into the future.

Meeting key industry needs

Our Customer Experience, Supply Chain and IT Management software and services are designed to meet industry-specific needs and help secure competitive advantage.

A partnership for success

We focus on mitigating complex and costly migrations, helping you create business value, reduce IT costs, and improve security and compliance. Together we aim to drive growth and increase ROI across your operations.

IT Support Without Boundaries

For the IT support organization, having so many people working from home is extremely challenging. Using Avolin solutions, IT can support employees as effectively remotely as they did in the office, wherever those employees might be.

Our solutions are trusted by thousands of organizations worldwide

  • Customer Experience Cloud:

    Customer Experience Cloud:
    Customer Relationship Management

    Connect your teams to the right customer information and reimagine your customers' experience. Avolin CRM solutions can be easily configured to meet your unique workflows - all at the lowest total cost of any comprehensive CRM solution.
  • Customer Experience Cloud:

    Customer Experience Cloud:
    Knowledge Management

    Reduce support tickets and increase customer satisfaction with Avolin’s Knowledge Management solution. It’s a simple way to drastically reduce support costs, with customer queries three times more likely to be resolved during the first call.
  • E-commerce & Retail Cloud:

    E-commerce & Retail Cloud:
    E-commerce & Retail

    All the functionality you need to boost your e-commerce website and bring your customers back time and again, increasing sales, engagement and loyalty.
  • E-commerce & Retail Cloud:

    E-commerce & Retail Cloud:
    Inventory Management

    Gain powerful supply chain visibility with Avolin's inventory management solutions, helping you ensure the right inventory is in the right place at the right time, to maximize profitability for sensitive retail environments.
  • IT Management Cloud:

    IT Management Cloud:
    IT Support Automation

    Our solutions help IT teams to work more efficiently and productively while improving the support experience for end users. With a range of self-healing, self-service and assisted service applications, your teams can resolve and prevent support issues more effectively than ever.
  • IT Management Cloud:

    IT Management Cloud:
    IT Power Management and Energy Saving

    Give your IT team greater control to remotely wake computers and optimize power management across your organization's devices. Stay on top of security and reduce energy use, saving time and money.

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  • Hughes Federal Credit Union

    When this financial services organization wanted to reduce time-consuming manual PC patching and software updates across their many branches, they deployed Verdiem. Avolin helped them save 200 hours per year on one update activity alone, and wake PCs in an emergency to troubleshoot issues both remotely and outside of office hours.

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  • Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions

    This leading aerospace and defense industry innovator deployed Pivotal CRM to streamline manual spreadsheet and Word-based processes that were holding them back. Avolin helped them revolutionize ROI by integrating customer interactions, tasks and to-dos directly into Pivotal CRM and optimize sales team efficiency in responding to opportunities and leads.

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  • BlueShore Financial

    This boutique financial institution deployed Pivotal CRM to help improve its customer service, drive up customer retention and increase profitability. We helped them achieve a 41% rise in revenue, a 40% rise in profitability, 11% greater employee satisfaction and an increase in customer retention from 70% to 90%.

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