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Our focus is Customer Success

Our strategy is to create a seamless journey to the cloud that can meet our customer’s individual business and risk requirements. Using Avolin solutions you can rapidly access new and innovative capabilities for your mission-critical software – now and in the future – ensuring you get maximum value from your investment. All with unrivaled commercial and technical simplicity.

Our Customer Experience, IT Management and Supply Chain software and services are designed to meet the unique processes and industry-specific needs of our customers. We focus on mitigating complex and costly migrations and helping our customers create business value, reduce IT costs, and improve security and compliance. Together we aim to drive growth and increase ROI across our customers’ operations.

A message from our CEO

“We’ve come a long way since the establishment of Avolin some 18 months ago and we’ve completely transformed our business. Our strategy is driven by several fundamental beliefs: that our solutions are vital to our customers’ businesses; all things can be improved no matter how well we’ve operated our products and services in the past, we believe there is more value that can be unlocked from them which is why we are making such substantial long-term investments; and lastly that as a company we are 100% focussed on customer success. This is an exciting time for our business, our products and services and ask that you take this journey with us.”

See the benefits for yourself

Explore how we’re turning our new customer experience vision into a reality, with a next generation Avolin CX. This is the future of CRM: mobile-ready, intuitive, user-friendly, helping you spot trends and speed the delivery of business insights from data.

Avolin Values

Pushing the Status Quo

It’s never business as usual with Avolin, we explore creative and innovative boundaries that keep our technology and your organization at the cutting edge. Our goal is to elevate our customers above the competition.


As the world constantly changes, at Avolin we evolve with you to deliver improved performance and increased benefits by reacting quickly to data driven insight.


Collaboration is at the heart of Avolin, and our global team of experts works closely with customers to drive better results and higher standards. Together we are stronger.

  • Hughes Federal Credit Union

    When this financial services organization wanted to reduce time-consuming manual PC patching and software updates across their many branches, they deployed Verdiem. Avolin helped them save 200 hours per year on one update activity alone, and wake PCs in an emergency to troubleshoot issues both remotely and outside of office hours.

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  • Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions

    This leading aerospace and defense industry innovator deployed Pivotal CRM to streamline manual spreadsheet and Word-based processes that were holding them back. Avolin helped them revolutionize ROI by integrating customer interactions, tasks and to-dos directly into Pivotal CRM and optimize sales team efficiency in responding to opportunities and leads.

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  • BlueShore Financial

    This boutique financial institution deployed Pivotal CRM to help improve its customer service, drive up customer retention and increase profitability. We helped them achieve a 41% rise in revenue, a 40% rise in profitability, 11% greater employee satisfaction and an increase in customer retention from 70% to 90%.

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  • IT Support Without Boundaries

    IT Management

    With the dramatic shift to home-working as a result of Covid-19, organizations are undergoing a process of self-discovery. If working from home becomes the new normal, how will IT support need to evolve? Avolin's CEO shares his view.

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  • 2020 Vision

    Supply Chain

    In today’s turbulent retail environment, innovative inventory management systems are essential — such as delivering modern mobile capabilities to the shop floor. Our inventory management expert Tim Rentowl shares his vision.

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  • Knowledge is Power

    Customer Experience

    For service-orientated organizations, ensuring the best possible customer experience means not only getting closer to customers, but providing timely and accurate knowledge and resolutions to them. Jeff Urkevich, our CX expert, shares his top tips for company-wide Knowledge Management adoption.

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