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Drive Your Business Better and Faster with Outsourced Inventory Management

Drive Your Business Better and Faster with Outsourced Inventory Management

You unexpectedly inherited a race car team. Congratulations! What do you do now? The team has a great history of success but has been finding it harder to compete in recent years. You believe you can now access some of the innovations other teams have been using to put their cars at the front of the grid, but you have never driven a car like this. If you want to challenge for the win, do you drive yourself, or do you hire the driver who topped last year’s podium?

Avolin is unique in offering fully outsourced inventory management. You don’t just get the car; you also get a team of drivers with unmatched experience and an enviable record of winning races. Our team helps manufacturers, distributors, and retailers ensure the right inventory is in the right place, at the right time, to maximize profitability.

Employing the Experts

With Avolin’s Vision Inventory Management you can use our class leading outsourced experts or utilize your own team of specialists to manage your retail supply chain requirements.  Some customers prefer a hybrid solution and have chosen to use a combination of both.

With our outsourced inventory management, you can immediately access the team with in-depth knowledge, experience and capabilities. People who know how businesses like yours operate and have years, even decades, of experience in using our solutions. Avolin has been successfully supporting many major brands for over ten years. As a result, the Avolin team has the experience and flexibility to adapt at speed to changing client needs and to enable customers to report a positive return on investment.

Our team is up to speed with insights learned from working across multiple clients and industries, so we deliver quick wins for new clients. We also continually use Avolin best practice to apply industry leading experience to our clients’ supply chains.

We take retailers’ sales and inventory data at store level and use it to create replenishment orders, to provide forecasts and in-depth analysis. We provide full demand planning and forecasting for every point in your supply chain, from production through to retail store, using advanced algorithms and daily forecasting by item and location. Our full product life cycle management tools make it possible to manage your plans in real time, ensuring every opportunity is captured and maximized.

We have particular expertise in home entertainment, books, consumer electronics, car parts and candy. We can support virtually any product line and have a strong background in fast-moving goods with a limited shelf life. Many of our clients start using our outsourced inventory management in home entertainment or books and then move to deploy us across other categories.

Effective inventory management for home entertainment products such as DVDs has to cover a multiplicity of issues and the background of a declining market and increasing competition from online sales. As much as 80% of DVD sales can now be in the first three to four weeks of its life cycle. Sales are highly seasonal and can see major spikes around both predictable and unpredictable events.

We use forecast scenarios to predict demand and we have the skills and knowledge to make adjustments when unpredicted events arise. These might include celebrity birthdays and anniversaries, national and international events, or the death of a star. Vision excels at reacting to these events and it’s even better with our experienced team of drivers at the wheel.

Driving Home Success

Outsourced inventory management brings top-level expertise to client organizations while helping them to reduce headcount and the consequent cost in operations. We can quickly identify where you can make savings and manage your in-store inventory more efficiently.

Our outsourced teams hold regular best practice workshops which transfer successful innovations and practices from one client to others.

Avolin has helped globally recognized brands to streamline and optimize their inventory management, demand planning and replenishment processes across a range of industries including home entertainment, retail, publishing, confectionery, games and consumer electronics.