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Going Beyond CRM: The Strength of Pivotal as a Platform

Going Beyond CRM: The Strength of Pivotal as a Platform

My smartphone is more than just a phone. I use it to text, connect, shop, research and so much more. It has become an essential piece of technology for many areas of my life.

In the same vein, Pivotal is more than just a CRM. It is a platform that can be used at all levels of the organization, from the front-line staff to the C suite. Pivotal is adaptable to many of the needs of your business, regardless of whether those needs are related to CRM.


Customers have the capability to use Pivotal to build their own industry-specific workflow solution. Each company conducts its own needs evaluation and can configure the solution based on the outcome.

For example, an internal ticketing workflow might be essential. CRM compiles the relevant customer information to build the core of the ticket; however, there are additional data points that are important to collect. Another business need may be an executive dashboard, tailored to the specifications of different departments.

Other CRM solutions can customize the solution to add those required forms and fields, but at an additional cost. Pivotal allows the customer to be their own developer.


Open APIs will allow Pivotal to easily integrate with other systems. Marketing and sales share the same objective but utilize different tools. Third party marketing automation and sales enablement tools can operate independently of each other, but the lack of communication could have a negative impact. Sales may be unaware of the various marketing campaigns, and marketing doesn’t realize that sales is targeting a new demographic for a specific product.

Integration helps you in optimizing your customer relationship by providing you a centralized platform with improved customer data. This data easily flows between applications, streamlining productivity and preserving data quality.


Every business expects to grow, and the solutions that support your company need to be able to handle that growth. As more data is accumulated and more users access the system, the expectations for mission-critical software increase. If the workload rises past the system’s ability to scale, performance is affected. The server takes too long to respond to requests, availability decreases, or worst-case scenario – lost data.

With a scalable solution, organizations can continue using the same software for longer because it was designed to be grow along with them. Prioritizing scalability from the start leads to lower maintenance costs and a better user experience.

Harness the Power

Because of Pivotal’s flexibility, many organizations run the solution more like an ERP than a CRM. While a CRM is focused on the company’s customer, an ERP concentrates on the internal functions. Pivotal allows your business to operate from the front line to the back office through to the executive suite, as a customer-centric enterprise. The power of Pivotal provides every with their own specific view of the business and its customers.

For more information about how your organization could utilize Pivotal as a platform, please contact us at [email protected] for more information.