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Home Entertainment’s Best Kept Secret: Vision Inventory Management

Home Entertainment’s Best Kept Secret: Vision Inventory Management

Finding the right inventory management solution in the home entertainment industry can be a challenge. A beverage manufacturer may launch one or two new flavors a year; the typical studio releases as many as two to three hundred titles. Whether your company produces movies, books, music or video games, you need a system that can handle the high volume of releases and the vast catalog of titles, in addition to understanding the subtlety of consumer behavior.

Vision Inventory Management combines leading technology with insight from industry experts to meet the demands of such niche markets.

Providing deep industry expertise

We look for experts in a wide variety of situations. While the major supermarket chains may have some the ingredients necessary for an exotic dish, a specialty market would provide those essential, hard-to-find spices, along with recommendations on other dishes that incorporate those flavors.

The same could be said for inventory management software. There are industry behemoths that offer inventory management solutions that will meet most of your requirements, however they are often unable to accommodate the unique needs of every industry they serve. A boutique-style software vendor that specializes in specific, complementary verticals can provide a more tailored solution because they are laser-focused on the nuances of what those companies require.

Adapting to each customer’s needs

Consumers are demanding more and more personalized attention from the solutions they utilize, but businesses are rarely afforded this luxury. With many of the “big name” inventory management solutions, the organization will need to bend to the pre-established framework or invest heavily in configurations to accommodate specific needs.

We have a different approach; we believe in bending the solution to meet our customer’s specifications. While Vision has a common foundation, the finishes are tailored to suit each customer’s precise workflows. Sophisticated algorithms predict future demand, as well as reduce returns and on-hand inventory.

Benchmarking to optimize sales

Many companies set an arbitrary sales goal based on revenue targets for any given period. Flooding the market with product doesn’t necessarily mean huge profits will follow. The DVD release of the latest animated movie might not move in an urban area of young professionals, although it will probably sell out in the neighboring suburb of young families.

Vision goes beyond replenishment and demand planning by providing a team of experienced industry analysts. These in-house experts analyze customer data, along with sales and inventory data from more than 100 retail chains globally, to provide insight and advice on how to maximize value. This personalized service is a force multiplier to not only meet company objectives, but to take the business to the next level.

Spilling the industry secret

Vision Inventory Management is a purpose-built system to improve product availability and drive more sales. Technology is coupled with the expertise of inventory management consultants so that customer buying activity can be closely matched with production decisions and inventory levels.

These factors have made Vision Inventory Management the solution of choice for many global home entertainment brands. Adaptability and scalability make Vision operate as effectively in many comparable spaces, such as publishing houses, video game publishers and confectioneries.