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IT Support Without Boundaries

IT Support Without Boundaries

Michael Speranza, Avolin CEO

We’re seeing a dramatic change in working life, as unprecedented numbers of people work from home to limit the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). For many organizations it’s a process of self-discovery: they are finding that their people are at least as productive at home as they were in the office, and the company is more resilient with a distributed workforce. When this crisis ends, working from home may prove to be the new normal.

That’s not to say it’s always easy. Despite the lockdown, many employees will find that their workload has not decreased. In addition, they now have the added complexity of working from home to deal with, including using IT outside the cocoon of the organization. At this busy and stressful time, it is important that IT helps them to be productive, and does not let them down, or frustrate them.

For the IT support organization, having so many people working from home is extremely challenging. IT support traditionally works within the boundaries of the organization. Now, IT assets are in kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms all over the world. The IT department still needs to ensure these computers are secured, reliable and compliant with company policies.

Using Avolin solutions, IT can support employees as effectively remotely as they did in the office, wherever the employees might be.

Routine activities such as patching and performing upgrades have always been challenging. You can’t patch a machine that’s switched off; users forget to leave machines turned on; and it’s often not scalable to visit every machine. In lockdown, it’s now impossible to visit any machine and the change of the normal working routine could result in users missing the reminders to leave their machines switched on. Our solution Verdiem enables you to easily and reliably switch on computers over the wide area network (WAN) so that you can ensure updates still happen while employees are at home, and can make changes without disturbing the employees’ work.





Verdiem integrates with desktop management solutions, such as Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), so you can streamline wake and power management for your devices. Waking up PCs is often fraught with difficulty, and traditional solutions require router changes and network-wide broadcasts. Verdiem is simple and successful: without Verdiem, updates and patches might only reach 60% of the targeted machines. Using Verdiem, our customers see a 95%+ first time success rate.




As well as routine software rollouts, there is a need for ad-hoc maintenance and support. IT is likely to see a huge number of additional support requests as employees establish their home offices and work from home for the first time. To avoid the helpdesk getting overwhelmed and ensure employees stay productive, it’s essential to streamline the support experience. SupportSoft takes a three-pronged approach by offering Self-Healing, Self Service and Assisted Service. The Self-Healing feature anticipates problems and resolves issues automatically before the user notices anything is wrong, so that they can keep working without interruption. The Self-Service application empowers users to work independently by guiding them as they fix common issues, optimize performance, or carry out password resets. That means they don’t have to wait for helpdesk support, and the helpdesk can focus on other issues that cannot be resolved independently. When users do need to phone in or send a message for help, the Assisted Service application provides robust analytics and repair tools to help with resolution. Chat and remote-control tools enable helpdesk analysts to clearly communicate with users and investigate easily. With Assisted Service, issues can be resolved in the background while the user works, too, minimizing downtime.


These are challenging times for the IT organization and the users they support. Putting the right systems in place can not only help today, but also make the organization stronger for tomorrow.


We’d love to talk to you about how we can help you get started with Verdiem, SupportSoft, or both.