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Moving Towards the Future Vision of Pivotal

Moving Towards the Future Vision of Pivotal

This year has been one of significant change for Avolin, and for Pivotal. We are relentlessly focused on customer success and are striving to continually improve our solutions. We are very excited about the future direction of Pivotal CRM.

Our vision rests on three main pillars:

The Approach

We are taking a hybrid cloud approach, which will give our customers access to new features and functionality in the cloud while maintaining their on-premise system. The advantage of this approach is that our customers get the latest technology without the need for a costly upgrade or complex conversion.

As part of our transformation, we are developing the Avolin CX Cloud. Our goal is to make our solutions available with technical and commercial simplicity so that our customers can achieve greater revenue growth and lower total cost of ownership across their enterprise. The Avolin CX Cloud will also leverage the hybrid cloud approach and will encompass all Avolin CRM solutions.

The Advantages 

The cloud offers several benefits for our customers:

As part of this future vision, Avolin is partnering with Amazon Web Services (AWS). With over one million active customers across 190 countries, AWS holds the largest share of the cloud market at over 35%. They offer the broadest set of security capabilities in data center security, certification and network security.

The Process 

Development is also seeing major changes. We are leveraging the power of AWS as part of our rapid development process. This process will allow us to deliver exceptional value to our customers more quickly. We now have an almost unlimited ability to explore new ideas and take our solutions to new levels. The results are going to be like going from driving a Ford to a Ferrari!

Our prototypes and demos have received very positive feedback from customers, and we look forward to realizing our vision for Pivotal.

We will be scheduling a webinar to demonstrate the new functionality.  Watch your inbox for an invitation. For more information, please contact your account manager or email us at [email protected].