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Safeguarding Your School District While Saving Money

Safeguarding Your School District While Saving Money

Back to school is a busy time for everyone. As administrators, teachers and students return to campus, IT teams need to make sure the systems they rely on are secure. Computers in the schools not only provide valuable educational resources, but they also store significant amounts of sensitive information, from personal data to grades to financial records.

Verdiem Surveyor provides IT teams with better access to the schools’ machines. They would be able to remotely wake computers so that necessary security updates can be deployed immediately.  Optimizing power management provides energy and cost savings across the school district.

Maximizing IT Resources

School districts are often tasked with “doing more with less.” Many have centralized IT teams in place, but how effective are those teams without centralized resources? How effective would that team be if they need to drive from campus to campus in order to monitor equipment?

A centralized solution allows IT teams to respond quickly and requires less manpower to manage computers throughout the district. Remote wake allows that central team to access as many, or as few, computers on their network as they deem necessary. Verdiem has the capability to manage thousands of machines across any number of locations. IT teams could complete image refreshes and install critical security patches, without traveling to multiple locations. With a success rate of over 95 percent, compared to the industry standard 60 percent, Surveyor helps ensure security protocols are up-to-date, protecting the district’s sensitive data and minimizing the impact on students and faculty.

 Discovering Additional Savings

Many school districts operate on a tight budget. The United States spends $11,392 per student every year. This figure varies dramatically by state; some states spend over $20,000 per student while others spend less than $7,000. There is often a considerable amount of pressure on every department to find savings where possible.

Computers that are left on overnight can add up to thousands of dollars in extra energy costs. Power management is one way for school districts to realize cost savings. Verdiem can save anywhere from 30 to 60 percent of power consumption. These savings generally work out to be about 100 kWh per computer per year or sometimes more. For every 5,000 computers managed, Verdiem could provide enough energy savings for one teacher’s salary, depending on the energy rate of the school district.

Making the Grade

School districts vary in size and budget, but every IT team knows how important it is to save money and keep machines current. The cost savings from implement PC power management can be reinvested into the schools. Keeping computers updated and secure avoids security breaches that have the potential to rack up hundreds, even thousands of dollars in expense.

Hundreds of school districts across North America have reduced their energy bills and improved their security protocols. Take Verdiem for a test drive to find out how much your school district could save. Please contact us at [email protected] for more information.