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Altro Group & Autoglym

Enjoying efficiency improvements greater than 13% with Pivotal CRM

Customer Details

The Altro Group business structure consists of two divisions: Altro, a leading provider of premium flooring and wall cladding systems for construction and transport; and Autoglym, which designs and supplies a range of premium car care products such as waxes, shampoos and alloy cleaners. Over 700 employees work within the Altro Group, which is headquartered in Letchworth,  Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom



Avolin Solution

Pivotal CRM


  • Aligning marketing, sales and customer care channels
  • Huge contact lists and complex workflows
  • A need for fast implementation

Key Benefits

  • ‘Out of the box’ product simplicity
  • UX mobile functionality
  • Integrating several CRM systems into one coherent structure
  • Intuitive and easy to understand
  • Efficiency improvement greater than 13%

“At Altro, conversations with our customers can now be tailored according to the data that is presented and relevant, and our sales staff can ensure they are speaking to customers at the right time throughout a project – saving time for both internal and external teams." Suzanne Symonds, CRM Analyst at Altro

Since 2002, Altro – a commercial flooring business – has been using the Pivotal CRM system as a means of keeping its databases organized and allowing for maximum efficiency across the company. In May 2015, Autoglym – an Altro Group division, which manufactures premium car care products – decided to invest in a CRM system as a means of improving operational efficiency, which would take place in a phased roll out.

The Challenges

Autoglym had previously functioned without a coherent, companywide CRM system, instead working through spreadsheets and a set of smaller in-house systems. While adequate in the earlier years of the business, as it began to get more established and the client list grew, it became difficult to keep track of the data effectively. Furthermore, Autoglym required a sophisticated CRM mobile solution in order to provide employees with remote access regardless of their location.

In line with an organization-wide strategy to implement more technologies into work processes, Pivotal was specified as the solution to help with automation and coordination within Autoglym’s marketing, sales and customer care channels. The solution would be rolled out across Autoglym in a phased approach, starting with the sales and admin teams.

The Solution

Developing an Existing Relationship

Altro, the flooring side of the business, has been using Pivotal since 2002, Because the IT department crosses over from Altro to Autoglym, the in-house expertise on the Pivotal system meant it was an ideal choice for use with the car care side of the business – the developers knew and were confident with the product, how it operated and how they could deploy it internally, without the need for lengthy consultation from an alternative provider that could have taken months.

“Together with Avolin, we have open and candid conversations that have led to trusted communications. This, combined with the familiarity and confidence in the product itself, made it a natural choice for Autoglym and is what has made me into a Pivotal and Avolin advocate,” said Suzanne Symonds, CRM Analyst at Altro.

Tackling Tight Time Frames

This mutual understanding established through years of partnership meant that the process of specification through to implementation was conducted in a timely manner. “Our business’ ambition was to have the system implemented in a short timeframe – approximately four weeks,” explained Symonds. “In order to hit this target we requested Avolin’s ‘out-of-the-box’ Pivotal system, allowing us to quickly have the basis of the software set up before progressively developing it to our specific business requirements afterwards. Since this initial specification, we have added user licenses to cover our admin team and 32 licenses for our sales team, which started within the UK, but now stretches across the Autoglym business globally.”

At Altro, for example, there are currently 120 sales staff who use Pivotal… saving approximately one hour per day as a result. This amounts to an efficiency improvement greater than 13% within the Altro sales team based on a standard 7.5 hour working day. We are looking forward to experiencing similar results at Autoglym.Suzanne Symonds, CRM Analyst, Altro


A key feature of Pivotal 6.5 is the capability to make the CRM cross-compatible for mobile devices. This UX feature is extremely useful for businesses whose key personnel are frequently away from the traditional office environment, which is the case at Autoglym. Its account managers are commonly away meeting with existing or prospective clients and thus, need to be able to access and edit key customer data at any given time. This enables sales staff to be highly responsive to customers’ requests, which has proven to be a defining factor in the acquisition and retention of business.

Streamlined CRM Processes

In terms of its general functionality, Pivotal is heavily automated and extremely flexible, which makes it an invaluable tool for Autoglym’s marketing and sales teams – meaning they are able to generate and manage better quality leads while allowing for personalized customer service. Whereas previously the marketing, sales and customer care facets of the business had no centralized CRM system, with Pivotal Autoglym aims to have a fully integrated CRM structure, with a planned roll out across the customer care department to complement the sales and admin teams. This allows its employees to better manage their day to day activities and frees up time to concentrate on their customers and, thus, sales.

“At Altro, conversations with our customers can now be tailored according to the data that is presented and relevant, and our sales staff can ensure they are speaking to customers at the right time throughout a project – saving time for both internal and external teams. This will also be the case at Autoglym when Pivotal has been rolled out across all departments, saving the Altro Group more time as a whole.”


“Our existing relationship with Avolin was hugely beneficial in overcoming the challenges of the project,” concluded Symonds. “Pivotal is affordable for a medium-sized business like Autoglym, and is flexible enough to be easily adapted and developed to meet our business needs. Our employees have quickly become fully on-board with Pivotal and we are able to make tweaks as per their feedback through using it in the field.”

“Business processes are slicker, teams work collaboratively, and we have a central management system for providing excellent customer service,” commented Symonds. “Of course throughout the process, Avolin has been on hand to provide support to our in-house development team as and when required, helping with our fact finding and with any questions we had.”

As part of an ever-developing collaboration, Altro will continue to work with Avolin to further optimize the Pivotal system, with Autoglym effectively acting as a ‘pilot’ for CRM initiatives that can later be integrated into Alto Group’s business on the whole – the mobile functionality being the first example.

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