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Customizing process for efficiency with Pivotal CRM

Customer Details

With over 1,600 active patents, Mold-Masters has been the undisputed leader in “hot runner” technology for more than 40 years. Headquartered in Georgetown, Canada, Mold-Masters employs approximately 1,000 people globally, serving customers in more than 40 countries. Internationally, Mold-Masters continues to grow, building new facilities in Asia, collaborating with new partners and extending its reach into new markets.



Avolin Solution

Pivotal CRM


  • Need to improve customer relationships, sales and marketing efficiency
  • Provide a single set of customer information to everyone in the company

Key Benefits

  • Increased sales without adding new resources
  • Improved accuracy of customer information
  • Reduced overhead maintenance

“With Pivotal, we can handle any of our business processes, workflows and data integration. From a business perspective, users can ask for new functionality in the software, and we can give it to them quickly. This is one of Pivotal’s strengths.” Dario Vettor, MoldMasters’ Director of IT

As the plastics manufacturing industry becomes more global, MoldMasters’ presence around the world is increasing – especially in Asia. The use of plastic and engineered materials is increasing, which factors into the company’s sales growth. The demand for Mold-Masters products is driven by the fact that they produce plastic parts faster. “Shorter cycle times and reduced waste means our customers can manufacture injection-molded parts more quickly and cost effectively,” explains Jonathon Fischer, Mold-Masters’ President.

Before Mold-Masters implemented Pivotal CRM, the company had developed a homegrown database of customer contacts. But the solution wasn’t easy for the field sales reps to access because it was located at the Mold-Masters headquarters. Business growth during this period made it obvious to sales management that the company needed a central repository for all it customer contacts and related information – a system that could also be easily accessed by remote users.

“We struggled for years trying to make customer information accessible to users in the field. We made the move to a CRM system because our development costs were getting unreasonable,” said Fischer. At the time, the company switched to a contact management tool to deal with the situation, but it wasn’t really a CRM system that would give sales people the ability to collaborate.

Maintaining a Leading Edge

Mold-Masters wanted to implement a CRM system that would improve customer relationships and improve sales and marketing efficiency. Sales management and marketing management were both involved in choosing the CRM system; the final decision to implement Pivotal CRM was made after all major CRM packages were reviewed by Fischer and Dario Vettor, MoldMasters’ Director of IT.

“We needed something that would enable our field sales reps, sales management and headquarters staff to work from a single set of customer information so they could support one another,” Fischer explains. “This drove us to look for a better solution. We investigated a number of alternatives. Pivotal CRM proved to be the most dynamic and flexible solution for us.”

Mold-Masters’ CRM vision means making data accessible so that everyone can serve customers better, whether those customers are local or in another country. “CRM enables our people to make informed decisions because they understand the needs of customers better,” Vettor says. “They know where to look to understand exactly what each customer needs and what we have done with each customer historically.”

Building on a New Foundation

In upgrading to Pivotal CRM, Mold-Masters wanted to take advantage of new capabilities, including the superior administration capabilities for synchronization. All of Mold-Masters’ North American operations use Pivotal, and the company’s vision is to expand the system internationally. They are currently in the midst of moving to the web-based “rich” client from the Windows client. “We now have a strong foundation for rolling out the CRM system to our global sales, service and support staff, which includes about 10 other Mold-Masters entities and 30 Mold-Masters agents and representatives around the world,” says Vettor.

About 20 of the 90 people who access Pivotal are remote users. They now use Pivotal SyncStream to exchange customer information with the central database. Data synchronization used to be based on Microsoft® Exchange, which placed a substantial burden on the company’s Exchange server. It also made things difficult for the remote sales reps, who sometimes lost data during exchanges. With the latest HTTP-based synchronization, all remote users now log onto the company’s network through a VPN connection. “Customer data is exchanged automatically,” Vettor notes. “Remote users can even stop the transfer at any time. When they reconnect, Pivotal picks up where it left off – administration is much easier.”

Expanding Beyond CRM

According to Vettor, implementing Pivotal CRM has improved the quality of Mold-Masters’ customer data and has reduced the maintenance overhead associated with data access and transfers. “With Pivotal, we can handle any of our business processes, workflows and data integration. From a business perspective, users can ask for new functionality in the software, and we can give it to them quickly. This is one of Pivotal’s strengths.”

Beyond CRM, Mold-Masters has used Pivotal to build an entire corrective-action process to deal with any customer-related concern – before they become a problem. They log issues, track them and report on them through Pivotal CRM. Vettor considers the corrective-action process to be an excellent way of keeping the Mold-Masters sales reps informed of any concerns that customers may have.

The orders that Mold-Masters is going after no longer exist in a single market – they span countries and suppliers. The company’s sales have grown consistently, and Pivotal CRM has growth with them. “Although this sales growth is not the result of Pivotal alone,” says Vettor, “the product has allowed us to expand without adding resources. We’re pleased with what we’ve done with our Pivotal CRM system. I can’t even envision the impact on our business if we had not implemented such a solution. I don’t think we would be able to service and support our customers without it, to be honest.”

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