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Verdiem for Educational Institutions

Providing Energy Savings for Educational Institutions

School districts have long been interested in Verdiem as a low-impact means of reducing electric bills and improving their overall sustainability. Over the past 15 years, Verdiem has been installed in hundreds of districts across North America. We have highlighted the results from a few different districts below.

University Place School District (WA)

University Place School District (UPSD) is an eight-school district on the south side of Tacoma, Washington. UPSD received financial support for Verdiem from their electric utility, Tacoma Power. After a performance evaluation to forecast savings and an evaluation of the functionality of Verdiem, the district moved forward with the purchase of 2,315 licenses and their installation. UPSD has reduced PC energy consumption by about 19%, or 58 kWh/computer, over their mix of laptop and desktop computers.

Surveyor was straightforward to install and has worked as advertised. The team from Clean Technology Partners and Verdiem guided us through the entire process.Tristan Berquest, Technology Services Director, University Place School District

Hoke County Schools (NC)

Hoke County Schools includes 14 schools and is based in Raeford, North Carolina. As part of a broader energy efficiency initiative with an energy service company, the district purchased 2,234 Surveyor licenses to manage the energy consumption of district computers. IT Analyst Brian Ross and the Avolin team spent about 5 total hours installing, configuring and verifying Surveyor over the course of a month. Clean  Technology Partners and Verdiem check-in with Hoke annually to do a ‘HealthCheck’ on their software. In a recent check, it was determined that the district is still saving about 41%, or 108 kWh/computer, of the energy consumed by its computer fleet. Ross states, “The Surveyor software has worked as advertised and has required very little administration.”

Dorchester County Public Schools (MD)

Dorchester County was formed in 1669 and their school district is headquartered in the county seat of Cambridge on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. The school district has 12 schools serving approximately 5,000 students. Dorchester evaluated the use of Surveyor as part of a much larger energy efficiency project with an energy service company. IT spent approximately 4 hours over 2 months with the Avolin team installing Surveyor in full-operation mode onto 4,100 district computers.

Since the installation and setup of Surveyor, DCPS saves about 130 kWh/computer annually. Rob Carpenter, Network Administrator, reports that he spent less than 2 hours administering Surveyor over its first 9 months. Verdiem allows customers to evaluate the solution prior to purchasing. This proof of performance gives the institution a better forecast of the energy savings opportunity and allows IT departments to confirm that Surveyor works well in their technical environment. Customers often discover that Surveyor will provide many additional benefits in the administration of their computer fleets outside of the energy savings, including improving security and compliance, reducing IT costs, and streamlining the administration of their endpoint devices.

About Verdiem

As a power management solution for PCs, Macs and Windows tablets, Verdiem provides a unified approach for IT device data collection, policy management, administration, and analytics. Verdiem offers the most accurate approach to energy management and measurement and can reduce your IT energy costs up to 60 percent.