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Our customers' ambitions drive everything we do. From research and development to technical support, our dedicated teams are always refining our products and strengthening our solution approach to help keep you at the forefront of your industry.
  • Association Member Management

    Association Member Management

    GoMembers' series of core modules will transform how the backbone of your associations or non-profit organizations run. From membership administration and invoicing to event management and subscriptions, all your day-to-day needs are met in one system: easy to implement and use.
    • GoMembers OnDemand

      This cloud-based association management solution lets you access information from any connected device: no hardware, no stress. Spend less on IT maintenance and more time looking after your members and mission.

    • GoMembers Enterprise

      Improve member services with this complete association management solution combining software, services, and support solutions. From streamlining the back office to enhancing frontline member experiences — it's everything you need, whatever your size.

  • Customer Relationship Management

    Customer Relationship Management

    Gain a clear and complete view of customers, sales, marketing and service data in one centralized location, customized to your specific processes — with smart reporting to help you better plan opportunities and sales.
    • Pivotal

      Go beyond what everyday CRM offers to enjoy the flexibility, reliability, smart reporting and mobile access of this market leading CRM. Powerful and comprehensive, it integrates with your operational data and spans your entire business.

    • Onyx

      Thanks to a smart, customer-centric design, this full-featured, unified CRM creates the best possible customer experiences, coordinating data, processes and interactions around the customer for consistent communication and simplified collaboration.

    • Saratoga

      A comprehensive, web-based CRM designed to support organizations to globally manage and enhance customer experience with rich of out-of-the-box functionality with multi-platform delivery.

    • CoreTrac

      Processes built specifically for community financial institutions work the way you do. Integrations from CoreTrac to your key systems give you a true, 360° customer view and help you deliver outstanding customer experience outcomes, every time.

  • Enterprise Finance

    Enterprise Finance

    Computron delivers a range of Financial Management solutions to meet common organizational challenges across sectors. Modern, robust automation streamlines financial and business processes helping drive informed and timely decision-making. optimize operations, reduce costs and ensure regulatory reporting compliance while measuring strategic performance.
    • Computron

      Computron’s enterprise financials offer a world class platform for medium to large organizations, helping you to manage accounting and business management with efficiency, security and compliance.

  • Location services

    Location services

    Build, integrate and maintain robust “Locator or Find a Business Near You” application combined with geo-targeted advertising with location-specific parameters to capture and convert qualified buyers near locations by offering a specific product or service.
    • Placeable

      Placeable solutions include two SaaS MarTech products: Placeable Workbench is a location data management and distribution platform. Placeable Pages is is a customizable locator for local landing pages.

  • IT Support &<br> Power Management

    IT Support &
    Power Management

    Keep your workforce productive and efficient with smart end point management and IT support tools that remotely wake devices for maintenance and fix issues in the background, while users keep working.
    • SupportSoft

      This endpoint automation solution transforms user support by empowering managed service providers (MSPs) and IT teams to productively resolve and prevent issues. Access an integrated package of Self-Healing, Self-Service and Assisted Service applications.

    • Verdiem

      IT teams can remotely wake computers across your enterprise fleet to deliver vital security updates and optimize power management — so your organization stays on top of security and reduces energy use and costs.

  • Knowledge Management

    Knowledge Management

    Stay ahead of competitors with a successful, sustainable knowledge management (KM) program making your support center more efficient and enabling powerful self-service your employees will appreciate.
    • Knova

      A full-featured knowledge management solution perfect for large, complex organizations. Knova makes it easy to handle wide-ranging queries across channels on the IT help desk as well as in industries such as high tech, telecoms and financial services.

  • Supply Chain: Inventory Management

    Supply Chain: Inventory Management

    Manage inventory, drive supply chain efficiency and maximize every opportunity to keep operations running smoothly with a range of tools to improve supplier relationships.
    • Vision

      This fully-hosted, vendor-managed inventory (VMI) and inventory management solution, helps manufacturers, distributors, and retailers maintain always-optimized inventory and maximize profitability.

    • i-Supply

      This dynamic, cloud-based inventory management solution gives manufacturers and suppliers real-time inventory insight and control, leveraging lean principles to eliminate stock-outs and reduce carrying costs.

    • Prologic

      Customers maximize profitability with Prologic’s end-to-end, retail-centric capabilities, and the solution can be tailored to specific requirements.

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