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Why use this solution?

Powerful Alerting

MyAlerts lets your customers follow the things they want and get notifications that are 100% relevant to them whenever updates happen or changes are made to your e-commerce website, including stock availability, pricing, wish lists, favorites, new jobs, plus many more.

Truly Engaged Customers

Your customers are more likely to open emails they’ve signed up to themselves. MyAlerts users report 40% higher opt-in rates and 80% email open rates, with 50% of customers coming back to their e-commerce websites every week.

Exclusive Customer Insights

As your customers subscribe to your site, you’ll gain real-time visibility to what brands, categories, and products (sizes, colors, variants) they want which provides powerful demand planning.

Fast Deployment

We can get you up and running in less than 30 days with a simple installation so you can start capturing even more revenue faster. Our larger customers reported an increase of over $1m in additional revenue the first month they were live.

What you get with MyAlerts

Customer Capture UI/UX

We can develop the customer capture UI/UX and use your sites design style to provide the experience you want. Whether it’s buttons, inline forms, pop-up’s, or valances, we can accommodate.

Tag Script

Once the capture script is created, we can provide you with the single line of javascript that you can put into your tag manager or site to deploy. You can even use A/B testing with your site to try multiple types.

Email Design & Development

We’ll help you design and develop your branded alert templates that will include your look and feel, along with integrating your product level and campaign tracking analytics to deliver fully responsive alerts from your servers or ours.

API Access

If you choose to build your own UI/UX that’s great! You can use our full suite of API’s to interact with to deliver the alerting strategy you want.

Dedicated Account Manager

From day 1 you’ll have a dedicated account manager who will work with you from implementation through possibly years of partnering to activate, tune and optimize your alerting strategy.

Full Dashboard

You’ll have access to our full dashboard to get real-time updated insights to user growth, alerting volumes and response, demand data, and the effectiveness of your alerting strategy.