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Why use this solution?

Easy Knowledge Management

Pressures on productivity have only increased despite service and support organizations investing heavily in call routing and case management solutions. That’s why Knova is built on a simple design philosophy: streamlining the help desk agent’s job means higher productivity, happier customers, and happier staff.

Powerful self-service

Knova Self-Service provides all the functionality and content you need to help users resolve issues themselves, on demand, at any time of day or night. It also proactively delivers information about known issues to targeted customers, avoiding escalation into serious problems and frustrations.

Great mobile experience

Thanks to the Knova Mobile eXperience (KMX) app, your users and customers can resolve complex issues any time, in any place on any iPhone, iPad, Android or other mobile device. It’s a simple way to access all the features of the Knova Self-Service application, from anywhere.

Create rich communities

Forums are often the first step towards gaining insight and solving problems in today’s highly-connected societies. However, too often they sit in a disconnected silo away from enterprise information and communication channels. Knova has brought forums inside the enterprise customer and knowledge experience. After all, your best product experts are often your own customers.

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