Fixed Assets (FA)

With continuous technological advances shortening the useful life of depreciable assets within your organisation and stringent regulatory and best business practice requirements for reporting, it is crucial that you track your capital assets diligently. Computron’s Fixed Assets module enables you to access and report an asset’s physical and budgetary information via a customisable, user-friendly interface.

The Fixed Assets module lets you create comprehensive asset records with your choice of standard depreciation methods. And with Computron’s powerful query and reporting tools, you can perform meaningful analysis on the effects of acquisitions, disposals and changes in valuation bases or depreciation methods. As part of the Computron Enterprise Financials suite of products, asset data from the Fixed Assets module is shared with other financial modules, such as General Ledger, to give you an all-inclusive view of your business.

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Comprehensive Asset Records

When you create an asset record via the Computron Fixed Assets module, you have complete control over the type of data you wish to collect and the format in which to store it. You decide how to format the asset’s identifiable information, such as an ID number, item class, location, and other user-defined data elements.

To facilitate the physical management of assets from purchase to disposal, you can store:

  • Serial, model, and registration numbers
  • Geographic location history
  • Asset transfer and adjustment history, including inter-company transfers
  • Non-depreciating and intangible asset details
Leverage Advanced Reporting

Manage Deprecation and Expenses

With Computron’s Fixed Assets module, you will never lose sight of an asset’s financial impact. Up to 10 data classes (sets of books) are available for each asset to store unique valuations, such as history, re-valued, insurance costs, and taxes. All service, maintenance, and enhancement expenses are tracked and reported by asset, with enhancement expenses being depreciated automatically over the residual asset life. Costs can be collected for construction-in-progress and depreciated either over the residual asset life or when the asset is capitalized and consolidated.

Customizable Reports

Computron’s Fixed Assets offers a comprehensive set of reports to support the review of historical transactions and to assist management in planning and controlling future purchases and disposals. For example, the Computron Fixed Assets and General Ledger Reconciliation Report enables you to analyze an asset’s impact on GL profit/loss accounts, while SEC and FASB compliant reports enable you to communicate asset data to external regulatory bodies. All reports may be filtered and customized online to give you the ultimate flexibility in reporting.

Interactive Queries

Computron’s Fixed Assets features a comprehensive query tool, which enables you to perform detailed analysis and auditing on asset data including:

  • Full asset description
  • Complete history of all transactions affecting the asset, including a trail of responsible manager and asset locations
  • Full life’s depreciation schedule, past and future, including adjustments, revaluations, and disposals
  • Audit trail of General Ledger postings for each asset
  • “Drill-back” to Computron Accounts Payable system
  • Mail compliant interfaces with the most commonly used e-mail systems

With flexible filtering and customizable query screens, you can be sure that you’re getting the right information at the right time and in the right format.

Stable Software Foundation

For over 30 years, Computron’s suite of products has helped multi-national corporations manage billions of dollars worth of business. The backbone of Computron’s software solution is a robust, customizable security module that enables you to restrict system access based on a virtually unlimited combination of user and system parameters.

Customizable User Experience

Computron’s Fixed Assets module puts the end user in control of nearly every aspect of their experience with the system. From customisable screen designs, language, terminology, messaging, validation and queries, Fixed Assets enables users to work in a comfortable environment while driving effective business transactions.

Application Integration

For prompt and accurate reporting, Computron’s Fixed Assets integrates fully with other Computron applications as well as with applications outside of the Computron product suite. For example, a seamless integration with Computron’s Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Purchasing, and Direct Invoicing modules keeps financial and procurement data updated with relevant asset information. And for the ultimate in flexibility, Computron’s Fixed Assets module can accept asset records from systems outside of the Enterprise Financials suite via spreadsheet load or our GENEX import/export tool.

The Fixed Assets/Workflow module integration enables you to capture and manage accounting information from electronic and scanned documents. You can view scanned invoices, maintenance contracts, service records, vehicle registration, insurance documents and related financial data with a click of the mouse.

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