MAGIQ Performance (formerly known as Chameleon)

Display, Analyze, Report, Budget, Plan

MAGIQ Performance is a reporting, budgeting and analysis solution built especially for cities and public sector organizations. It provides real time, instant financial and other information to managers and staff at all levels of your organisation from high level to transaction reporting.

Budget Management – One Version of the Truth

MAGIQ Performance automates many of the tedious tasks such as gathering data and aggregating outcomes into one single source.  MAGIQ Performance delivers “one version of the truth”, allowing your staff to focus on the budget build process with a clear view of the business outcomes they are planning to manage.  It frees up time for operational and financial staff to perform real analysis on the business and its cost drivers.

Whatever your budgeting needs…

  • Annual Budgets,
  • Strategic, long term budgets
  • Labor Budgets,
  • Cost Driver (KPI) budgeting
  • Revenue Budgets,
  • Forecasts,
  • Rolling Budgets,
  • Resource (Capital) Budgets,
  • Target Budgets,
  • “Top Down”, “Bottom Up”
  • Budget Approvals Monitor

Dashboard Portal – User Definable

Using sharp, clear, easily understood gauges and dials you can create your own dashboard to show the trends in achievement of key performance measures or statistical counts of critical indicators.

Proactive Alerts and Portals

Powerful functionality to provide proactive alerts of a breach of pre-defined limits integrated with user-defined portals linked to web pages, documents etc.

Proactive & Predictable Budget Modelling

Create budget models to calculate and capture data. Adjust variables, rules or formulae with ease back into your original budget or forecast, and store unlimited versions of your budget for a complete historical record.

Dynamic Reporting Structures

Generate your organizational data in multiple reporting structure formats.

MAGIQ Excel – Fully Integrated Excel

Complete Excel integration combining the benefits of ad-hoc freehand report building, Excel functionality and PowerBudget navigation and business intelligence capabilities.

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