Procurement Portal

Procurement Portal supervises the entire procurement lifecycle process. From supply need to payment for received goods (requisition – to – payment), Procurement Portal allows employees to securely purchase critical goods and services via the Intranet, discourages off-contract or “maverick” buying, and consolidates purchasing practices.

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Procurement Portal Overview

By granting users freedom to select from an approved list of products and services while allowing management to maintain control over the process and supplier relationships, company executives can now track immediate results and positively impact the bottom line.

To eliminate inefficient buying practices, the Procurement Portal solution simplifies the purchasing process and restores policy control, reducing the overall cost of non-production MRO (maintenance, repair and operating) supplies.

Processing costs can be reduced, the volume of transactions can be lowered and the total number of procurement specialists involved in the procurement process reduced. At the same time, both your purchasing department’s need for control and your end user’s need for flexibility are satisfied.

For prompt and accurate reporting, Computron’s General Ledger integrates fully with other Computron applications as well as with applications outside of the Computron product suite.

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