Computron Software (now part of Avolin) is Australia’s biggest Kofax Diamond partner – one of only 13 organisations in the world out of 850 global re-seller & consultancy companies to achieve this level. We have been successfully installing solutions with Kofax for more than 12 years in Australia, New Zealand and Asia. Contact us to find out how we can support your organization’s needs!


Kofax Capture extracts index data for retrieval purposes and delivers the images and associated data to a variety of repositories and applications.

Flexible and scalable, enabling customers to define where and how images are captured and indexed.

Designed for any size enterprise that employs manual, error-prone or expensive processes for managing and processing large volumes of documents.

Significantly reduce retrieval costs while improving regulatory and compliance efforts.

Market-leading and enterprise-proven, Kofax Capture enables capture from any channel in any location, with capabilities for both centralized and distributed document processing

Learn how to revolutionise your document and data capture with Kofax.


Kofax Transformation adds document classification and separation, and data extraction and validation capabilities to Kofax Capture.

Automate labor intensive, inefficient, error-prone and time-consuming document processing tasks.

Transformation classifies and extracts any document type, including invoices, orders, enrollment and claim forms, mailroom documents, mortgages, contracts and correspondence.

Significantly reduce labor costs, boost productivity and efficiency, accelerate business processes, and better engage and empower customers.

Advanced learning technologies save time in initial configuration and ongoing maintenance, and its high levels of automation and exception handling efficiency deliver rapid payback.

Learn more about these essential digital transformation capabilities, and how to define and structure a digital transformation initiative unique to your organisation.

Kofax TotalAgility

Kofax TotalAgility® is a digital transformation platform that accelerates high-value customer journeys to a positive result, journeys such as new customer onboarding, claim processing, loan automation, citizen service provision, supplier management, and more.

The platform digitizes individual touchpoints in those customer journeys, for example the gathering or sending of documents or the digital signing of new contracts, and cuts latency between the touchpoints.

TotalAgility delivers more value at each human touchpoint and links traditional and digital channels to efficiently serve omnichannel customer journeys.

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