CoreTrac CRM

Designed specifically for community banks and credit unions, the CoreTrac CRM solution gives you a centralized, 360-degree view of all your clients. Equipped with such a powerful tool, your financial services company workforce will become empowered to deliver outstanding customer experience outcomes like never before.

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Financial Services Specialization

Every industry has its own unique challenges and opportunities. For financial institutions, particularly community banks and credit unions, a standard, cookie-cutter CRM solution will never be a good fit. You need a specialized CRM like CoreTrac that understands your common pain points and integrates with your business solutions to break down silos and create a personalized customer experience for all of your clients. CoreTrac helps your bank or credit union build an efficient, accountable, performance-based culture that will increase wallet share, protect market share, increase efficiency of all employees, and enable you to efficiently manage your opportunities by automating prospect and client management, sales and pipeline management, case and support management, knowledge management, employee performance and compensation tracking, marketing communication management, product recommendations engine, and reporting and analytics.

Unified Customer View

CoreTrac CRM enables you to build stronger connections with your clients by providing a centralized view of all of their information including their experiences and communications. This unified view will enable you to build better relationships, sell more, and expand your opportunities.

Deep Insight

CoreTrac goes beyond other CRM platforms to provide the insight necessary to communicate the right message at the right time to all your clients and prospects. This solution excels at automatically managing visitor requests so that your website will provide client service and generate more revenue 24/7/365.

Beyond CRM

On top of the world-class CRM capabilities you expect, CoreTrac offers so much more. It will integrate with your operations seamlessly to enhance your sales and pipeline management, case and support management, knowledge management, profitability tracking, and employee performance tracking, among other processes.

Revenue Growth

CoreTrac CRM is a sophisticated yet easy-to-use solution that can help you build better relationships with your customers and achieve operational efficiency. The results will be more revenue growth for your organization and more cross-selling opportunities than ever before.

Maximize Your Competitive Advantage

Your clients are more connected than ever. This is why you need a CRM that is tailored to your operations and will deliver a memorable and consistent experience to your clients. With CoreTrac CRM, you can maximize your competitive advantage and achieve tremendous results by maintaining a centralized view of client information that will eliminate the departmental and data silos that are hurting your customer service outcomes. By routing clients to the right person immediately, you can rest assured that that all questions and concerns will be addressed as soon as possible, enabling you to nurture relationships that support cross-selling and increase share-of-wallet.

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