MarketFirst is a marketing automation system for organizations of all sizes that want to drive engagement with prospects and customers. With powerful tools, this solution will help you create dynamic campaigns that help feed the sales pipeline, engage and nurture prospects, and retain current customers.

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Marketing Intelligence

Marketing teams are under the gun to provide quality leads that will turn into sales, and there has never been a greater expectation to provide deep visibility into ROI. To get the desired returns, you need to manage sophisticated and labor-intensive campaigns—and MarketFirst is the ideal solution to ensure you hit all your benchmarks.

Turn Leads into Sales

MarketFirst is a proven solution that helps marketing teams increase the likelihood that a lead will convert into a qualified sales opportunity—and a satisfied customer—through robust tools that identify and target the appropriate prospects and determine lead quality.

Know Your Audience

Customer intelligence is critical to success, and MarketFirst helps marketing teams address tightly segmented audiences, leverage new channels, and streamline the steps required to manage all of their campaigns—including time-intensive, logistics-heavy activities like events.

Dynamic Marketing Campaigns

MarketFirst empowers companies to easily map out complex campaign flows that involve multiple emails and then automate their timing and delivery. These multi-wave, automated campaigns allow teams to reuse campaign workflow templates that make launching future campaigns faster and easier, while always remaining on brand.

Leverage Advanced Reporting

Analyze Marketing Programs

Track and optimize your marketing programs through analytics that allow you to quickly determine how each of your campaigns and channels are performing.

Grow Revenue Through Integrated Campaigns

MarketFirst’s robust marketing automation platform helps your organization to focus on the right sales opportunities and optimize revenue. Through its multi-channel approach, you can ensure you are engaging with your prospects and customers where they are online. This allows you to create more meaningful connections, resulting in more pipeline and ultimately more sales.

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