Pivotal CRM

Pivotal CRM integrates all of the characteristics of a successful CRM—flexibility, reliability, smart reporting, and mobile access—and offers capabilities that go beyond “just a CRM.” Pivotal integrates into your operational data and spans your full business. From interacting with customers through effective marketing campaigns, to turning leads into selling opportunities and ultimately closed deals, and to delivering thoughtful customer service, Pivotal can do it all. It can be easily and cost-effectively tailored to match your individual business processes, as well as give you flexibility in your hosting options, whether on-premise or in the cloud.

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Accelerate Sales and Drive Company Growth

With its seamless and flexible platform, Pivotal enables customized experiences built around your specific business processes, not the other way around. It automates sales, marketing, customer service and contact management functions, enabling you to generate and capture leads, win more deals, increase customer satisfaction, and drive growth. Benefits: (1) Increase user productivity through a customizable workspace (2) Enable greater reach and access whether in the office or on the go with a consistent user experience across all platforms and devices (3) Drive customer loyalty through personalized experiences that delight your customers (4) Empower your business with real-time insights and updates through dashboards and reports (5) Flexible deployment options: on-premise, hybrid, or cloud.

Dual Client Strategy

Provide the right access at the right time. A powerful and responsive UX client for modern browsers and mobile devices as well as a desktop smart client enables easy and fast access whether in the office or on the go.

Microsoft Office 365 Integration

Enable your users to view customer information, link documents, and add vital customer data to Pivotal directly from Microsoft Outlook.

Account & Opportunity Management

Define an account strategy, uncover and manage opportunities, and build better customer relationships.

Organizational Alignment

Develop a truly integrated sales, marketing and customer success organization with increased visibility and collaboration.

Unique Workflows and Experiences

Tailoring CRM workflows and modifying business processes boosts your team’s productivity and makes Pivotal your own.

Applications for Every User

Every user in the organization, from sales to leadership, has a complete view of customers.

Analytics and Forecasting

Monitor your pipeline and get advanced warning of successes and challenges so you can take early action.

Automate Marketing, Service, and Sales

Pivotal underpins your sales process with technology that supports your desired selling methodology and automates the time-consuming administrative tasks that burn valuable selling time. Pivotal gives all users a 360º view of the customer, which enables you to bring the customer to the center of your operations. Information is easily available for your sales team to quickly qualify leads, manage their pipeline, and strengthen customer relationships. The Pivotal platform helps your customer service team delight customers with personalized customer service built on comprehensive customer information from across your business.

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