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Connect sales to customer insights

Streamline how you manage customer experience with one powerful 360° view across sales, service and support, arming your sales teams with all the knowledge they need to maximize opportunities. Spend less time on admin tasks with simplified tools and dashboards, so you can focus on more important activities: improving customer relationships and driving sales.

Gain marketing visibility into customer information

Make tracking customer leads, sources and information easy with one global platform, integrated across systems. Manage customer interactions, generate leads and eliminate lost leads by properly assigning marketing tracked opportunities. Use hundreds of data points to build a detailed picture of customer journeys, helping you rapidly launch enhanced experience initiatives and tailor loyalty programs to customer behavior.

Harness analytics to support your business

Ensure that all your systems are quickly connected with your CRM to deliver an immediate 360º view into every customer. This helps you simplify how you manage the customer journey across systems to ensure a positive experience. Built-in analytics, reporting and search let you leverage a huge range of customer data and information to help you conquer your business goals.

Customer Experience Cloud

  • Knowledge Management

    Knowledge Management

    Reduce support tickets, shrink support costs and improve customer and employee satisfaction with the Avolin Knowledge Management solution. Queries are three times more likely to be resolved during the first interaction.

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