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Why IT Management Cloud?

Put a range of endpoint management solutions to work for your organization. We’ll help you reduce ongoing operational costs and deliver a proven ROI by automating help desk functions, reducing support ticket volumes and extending device control. All while improving the support experience for end users.

Simple and cost-efficient

Quick installation with near zero maintenance and proven, fast ROI

Continuous Improvement

Resolutions are harnessed and captured in the Knowledge Base to drive a cycle of solution detecting and resolution

Time Saving

Remotely wake devices on your network for updates

Reducing Carbon Footprint

Reduce device energy consumption by up to 60%

Smart and dynamic

End-point devices automatically detect and resolve issues

Security optimized

Helping IT teams to reduce security vulnerabilities

Highly flexible

Customize power management policies across devices

Drive productivity

Analysts can remotely solve issues in the background while end users work

IT Management Cloud Solution Architecture

Save money, energy and time with Verdiem

Discover the simple way to save up to 60% on energy consumption and deliver ROI within the year, centrally switching idle PCs into ultra-low power states from anywhere in the world. Time to make the switch?

IT Management Cloud

  • IT Support Automation

    IT Support Automation

    Avolin's IT Management Cloud helps support teams work more productively while improving the end user experience thanks to a range of self-healing, self-service and assisted service applications. Resolve and prevent support issues more efficiently and effectively than ever before.
  • IT Power Management and Energy Saving

    IT Power Management and Energy Saving

    Give your IT team greater control to remotely wake computers and enable deployment of security updates as well as optimize power management across your organization's devices. Stay on top of IT compliance and reduce energy use and costs, saving time and money.

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