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Solution highlights

Complex support, simplified

Dramatically simplify how you support your complex IT infrastructure landscape, automating key help desk functions to reduce costs, cut support tickets and deliver faster query resolution. Keep user uptime high with self-service and automatic end point device resolution, increase overall business productivity and actively benchmark performance to measure and prove ROI.

Automate and save

Automated IT support solutions reduce and re-distribute IT costs and improve overall business productivity, supporting self-service and helping endpoint devices resolve their own queries. IT SLA reporting captures performance insights and provides benchmarks to show the significant ROI gained.

Add value and reduce disruption

Keep your IT support team working at maximum productivity and focused on higher value tasks with IT support solutions that make more information available to quickly resolve issues on the first call. Common IT problems are automatically fixed, reducing IT costs and support times with less user disruption and downtime.

IT Management Cloud

  • IT Power Management and Energy Saving

    IT Power Management and Energy Saving

    Give your IT team greater control to remotely wake computers and enable deployment of security updates as well as optimizing power management across your organization's devices. Stay on top of IT compliance and reduce energy use and costs, saving time and money.

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