Knova KM

Knova KM is a full-featured knowledge management software solution for large customer service and support organizations, especially those that must handle complex queries across channels in industries such as high tech, telecommunications, financial services, and the IT help desk.

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Knowledge Is Power

Unlike basic enterprise search, FAQs and content management solutions, Knova KM enables users to author and search for documents internally or externally through powerful and intelligent search that makes finding resolutions—the positive outcomes of solving customer problems based on context and intent—more user friendly.

Knowledge Central

Service and support organizations have invested heavily in call routing and case management software, but pressures on productivity have only increased. This is why Knowledge Central is built on a simple design philosophy: streamlining the agent’s job means higher productivity, happier customers, and happier staff.

Self Service

Knova Self-Service (KSS) provides all the functionality and content that customers need to resolve their issues themselves, immediately, no matter what time of day. It also preempts customer frustration by proactively delivering information about known issues to targeted customers, avoiding issues before they become problems.

Mobile Experience

Knova Mobile eXperience (KMX) enables users to leverage the existing Knova Self-Service (KSS) application on an iPhone, iPad, Android and other mobile devices. In short, KMX is the mobile app that your users and customers use to access resolutions to complex issues at any time and in any place.


In today’s highly-connected society, forums are often the first step towards gaining insight and solving problems. However, forums remain a disconnected silo from the enterprise’s information and communication channels. Knova has elevated the value of forums by incorporating them into the overall enterprise customer experience. Some of your best and most reliable subject matter experts aren’t located within your contact center or even within your company—they are your customers who spend day in and day out using the product. With Community you can leverage key subject matter experts as a valuable part of your knowledge base.

Leverage Advanced Reporting


Knova offers a visual, intuitive set of tools with role-based reports that help answer pressing business questions that will lead to the truth about your service levels. For each of these users, Knova provides role-specific dashboards that analyze critical areas such as workflow status, knowledge effectiveness, contributor productivity, and much more.

Revolutionize the Customer Experience

Service and support is the front line of your business. A competitive market requires a successful, sustainable knowledge management (KM) program that makes your support center more efficient, ensures your self-service is more powerful, and keeps your customers fully satisfied. Technology is a means to that end. Knova provides the superior functionality that leads to customer success. Knova’s is sure to add value to your operations in the following ways:

  • Resolutions, not answers. Knova is more than search—it finds resolutions and gets smarter as you use it.
  • Actionable data you can use. Business users can act on knowledge trends—with no advanced programmers or linguists needed.
  • Value and customer satisfaction. Knova delivers resolutions quickly and accurately, increasing loyalty and decreasing costs.
  • Scale as your business changes. Rest assured that this solutions has already been successfully deployed by some of the largest call centers in the world.
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