SupportSoft is an end point automation solution that empowers managed service providers (MSPs) and internal IT teams to work more efficiently and productively while improving the support experience for end users. Through an integrated package of Self-Healing, Self-Service and Assisted Service applications, SupportSoft enables your team to resolve and prevent support issues more effectively than ever.

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Transform the Support Experience

With SupportSoft, common IT issues are resolved automatically, and end users are empowered to perform self-service instead of depending on IT or help desk assistance. For more complex issues, SupportSoft gives analysts robust tools to efficiently resolve problems with minimal disruption to the end user. And by integrating seamlessly with other enterprise applications, SupportSoft also acts as a “single pane of glass” that provides visibility into all IT-related operations.

SupportSoft ProactiveAssist

Learn more about how ProactiveAssist can help you solve issues before they start.

Resolve Issues Before they Occur

SupportSoft’s Self-Healing feature reduces help desk calls and end user frustration by enabling end-point devices to automatically anticipate and resolve issues on their own, before problems arise for the user.

Reduce Help Desk Dependency

SupportSoft’s Self Service application enables end users to easily resolve common issues without help desk or IT department intervention—so they can get back to work faster, and IT analysts can focus on more complex issues. The solution guides users through simple steps to fix PC issues and optimize performance, and even allows them to securely reset their passwords.

Streamline Support Sessions

When IT analyst intervention is needed, SupportSoft’s powerful Assisted Service application helps analysts solve complex issues more efficiently, reducing handling time. Chat and remote control features allow analysts to easily communicate with end users and share PC control, while robust analytics and repair tools help accelerate issue resolution.

Improve End User Satisfaction

By enabling common IT issues to be resolved automatically or through end-user-administered self-service, SupportSoft reduces the frustrating time users spend waiting for IT or help desk assistance. Plus, with SupportSoft’s Assisted Service tool, analysts can remotely solve issues in the background while the end user continues to work, minimizing disruption and improving the end user experience.

Deliver More Value with Fewer Resources

Whether you’re a managed service provider (MSP) or an internal IT support team, you’re likely under pressure to solve problems faster than ever without driving up costs. SupportSoft gives you the tools you need to minimize analyst time spent on routine issues, find faster resolutions to more complex issues, and get end users back up and running more efficiently than ever. And with SupportSoft’s Self-Healing capabilities, many problems simply won’t occur in the first place. Organizations that implement SupportSoft experience:

  • Reduced help desk / IT department operation costs
  • Reduced IT tickets and help desk call volumes
  • Reduced average turnaround time to resolve issues
  • Improved end user satisfaction

Serving MSPs and IT Teams

SuppportSoft is an optimal solution for managed service providers (MSPs) that want to enhance service desk efficiency and productivity for their end-customers, as well internal IT teams that want to reduce support ticket volumes and operational costs.

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