Two dynamic solutions — Verdiem EvokeIT and Verdiem Surveyor—provide IT departments with the capability to remotely wake computers so that necessary security updates can be deployed immediately and optimize power management across the enterprise.

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What is Verdiem Surveyor?

Verdiem Surveyor can help monitor your PC fleet and provide reports on energy usage so you can adjust your power management policies to save.

Why do I need it?

Worried about the climate? Verdiem Surveyor can help you reduce your PC energy consumption, supporting your green energy initiatives, while also saving you between 30-60% of your PC energy costs.

What is Verdiem EvokeIT?

Verdiem EvokeIT is Avolin’s PC enterprise wake solution. With EvokeIT, you can wake your PC fleet to push security patches, software and driver updates, or any other maintenance activities.

Why do I need it?

Take the worry out of security with EvokeIT. You can easily wake your PC fleet with a success rate of 95+% (compared to the industry standard 60%), to make sure your security measures are up-to-date and protecting your fleet.

See How Much You Could Save

We typically save 30-60% of power consumption with Surveyor. This generally works out to be about 100kWh per computer per year or sometimes more.

Results by region:
Region Cost of Energy
(Average per kWh)
Annual Saving
US $0.10
EMEA $0.35
APAC $0.40

This indicative saving is calculated as follows:
No of computers x 100kWh saving per computer x Average cost of energy per kWh = Annual Saving

Take Verdiem for a test drive
Everything you need to know about Verdiem

Enterprise PC Wake

Verdiem EvokeIT is a simple, low-cost solution that allows IT departments to remotely wake computers with a 95%+ success rate on the first try so that necessary security updates can be deployed immediately. EvokeIT’s Wake on WAN functionality is effective without requiring you to compromise your network security.

PC Power Management

Dating back to 2001, Verdiem Surveyor has been the best-in-class power management solution for PCs, Mac, and Windows tablets available on the market. In addition to supporting hundreds of customers—and saving them millions of dollars in energy costs each year—Surveyor also includes market-leading Wake on WAN functionality that helps you mitigate risk by facilitating a healthier and more secure IT environment.

Reliable Windows Solution

IT professionals know that Windows is susceptible to sleep disorders, and traditional Wake on WAN solutions represent risky options because they require router changes and network-wide broadcasts in order to be effective. Verdiem, by contrast, is network-friendly, simple to use, and runs effectively behind-the-scenes.

Easy Implementation

The Verdiem implementation process is quick and intuitive, allowing for a quick turnaround on your investment and helping to establish a healthy IT environment that will boost your company’s financial well being.

How effective is your power management?

Many IT professionals overestimate the effectiveness of built-in power saving technologies. These applications offer basic capabilities, resulting in nominal energy savings – usually less than 15%. Are they the best you can get?

Verdiem can double those energy savings, or more, and tracks trends to conduct in-depth analysis on your energy usage.

Improve Security & Compliance

IT departments are often only 60% effective in deploying security updates and patches, and relying on your end users to leave their systems on or expecting Windows to behave properly assumes too much. But with Verdiem Surveyor, your organization will have a solution that can be used to solve very common challenges for PC fleets, such as logging off users, running system maintenance applications, and rebooting systems. IT managers can, for example, automate custom processes when their systems wake or before they are put to sleep, making everything run more smoothly even in an emergency situation.