Do you have a large fleet of PCs? It can be a struggle to make sure they are all switched off when they’re no longer in use. With Verdiem, you have the power to switch your PCs to an ultra-low power state, saving between 30-60% of your energy costs and reducing your carbon footprint. You can even set up different power policies for different groups of PCs, so they’re only on when they need to be.

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For a large number of PCs, relying on users to switch them off when they’re no longer needed sometimes just isn’t feasible. Maybe you have a computer lab that’s in use 24/7 but has much less activity overnight – do you leave those PCs on constantly, wasting energy and increasing your bill? With Verdiem, you can switch those PCs to an ultra-low power state so they don’t use as much energy when they’re not in use. You could save up to 60% on your energy bill.

Chippewa Valley Technical College have thousands of PCs across campus.

But with their IT team centralized in only one location, how could they keep up with such a demanding PC fleet?

They took back the power with Verdiem.

Chippewa Valley Technical College can easily control the power state of all their PCs, whether they are in a lab in Menomonie or powering digital signage in Eau Claire.

Read on to see how much Chippewa Valley Technical College have saved in energy, bills and greenhouse gas emissions.

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See How Much You Could Save

We typically save 30-60% of power consumption with Surveyor. This generally works out to be about 100kWh per computer per year or sometimes more.

Results by region:
Region Cost of Energy
(Average per kWh)
Annual Saving
US $0.10
EMEA $0.35
APAC $0.40

This indicative saving is calculated as follows:
No of computers x 100kWh saving per computer x Average cost of energy per kWh = Annual Saving

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