Verdiem gives you the power to take control of your PC fleet. It makes rolling out security patches and updates effective and easy – you don’t need to remind your users to leave their computers on at the end of the day to keep your fleet secure. If you need to wake computers at any time, you can reply on Verdiem to do so with a 95%+ success rate. Do you want the power too?

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IT departments are often only 60% effective in deploying security updates and patches, and relying on your end users to leave their systems on or expecting Windows to behave properly assumes too much. But with Verdiem, your organization will have a solution that can be used to solve very common challenges for PC fleets, such as logging off users, running system maintenance applications, and rebooting systems. IT managers can, for example, automate custom processes when their systems wake or before they are put to sleep, making everything run more smoothly even in an emergency situation.

But doesn’t Microsoft do all this already?

You may be thinking that Microsoft has built-in wake capabilities, so why would you need a whole other solution?

This may be the case, but how effective are their power management capabilities and what could you be missing out on?

Read on to separate fact from fiction.

Separate Fact from Fiction

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