Real-Time Inventory Management

i-Supply is equipped with user-friendly features designed to help you optimize your inventory levels, maintain visibility across the supply chain, and improve collaboration with your suppliers.

Inventory & Shipment Dashboards

i-Supply’s dashboards provide you with real-time summary views of inventory, shipping, receiving, and related data. The dashboards are interactive, allowing you to filter, sort, and drill-down into forecast demand, supplier capacity, projected inventory, actual usage, authorization history, and critical inventory. You can even monitor inventory at multiple facilities from a single dashboard. Dashboard views can also be shared with your suppliers, enabling them to take action towards cost, process, and customer service goals.

Real-Time Inventory Status Updates

i-Supply tracks inventory status with color coded status bars, enabling you to carefully monitor inventory status and quickly identify and respond to problems. You can also easily access interactive forecast, usage, and projected inventory graphs.

Lean Inventory Replenishment Tools

i-Supply’s lean inventory replenishment tools leverage dynamic minimum and maximum settings to help you optimize your inventory. Minimum and maximum inventory levels can be based upon multiple variables—including usage, transit time, delivery frequency, demand variability, and other real-time data points—to ensure inventory remains within defined thresholds.

Lean Logistics and Order Scheduling

Lean Logistics and Order Scheduling intelligently determines whether a delivery is required from the supplier. When the system registers that supplies do need to be replenished, it offers a suggested quantity, helping to ensure you get the right inventory, at the right levels, at the right time. i-Supply can notify a single supplier whether a delivery for the day is required, or, in more complex cases, determine if multiple items from multiple suppliers are required.

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

i-Supply addresses the key to successful VMI by ensuring that both you and your suppliers have accurate stock level information immediately at hand.

Supplier Performance Ratings

i-Supply provides a comprehensive supplier performance rating system that enables you to easily and fairly assess supplier effectiveness at maintaining inventory levels. The supplier rating system covers multiple levels, from the plant and supplier’s facility down to the part number or event detail. The system leverages industry-standard SCOR metrics to eliminate bias in performance reporting.

ERP Agnostic with EDI Connections

i-Supply’s non-intrusive data interface is compatible with virtually any enterprise resource planning (ERP) or warehouse management system (WMS). It also supports industry-standard EDI communication, enabling two-way electronic data transfer between buyer and supplier facilities, including forecast, shipping release, and ASN communication.

Benefits of a Cloud-Based Solution

i-Supply stands out in the market as a dynamic, multi-site solution based in the cloud. Unlike legacy inventory management systems, it can be implemented quickly and easily, integrates with existing enterprise solutions, and is highly scalable. Plus, its user-friendly, web-based interface makes it easy to learn and use for anyone in your organization.