i-Supply is a dynamic, cloud-based, multi-site inventory management solution. It provides manufacturers and their suppliers with real-time insight and control over their inventory, leveraging lean principles to eliminate stock-outs, reduce inventory carrying costs, and drive efficiency.

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Real-Time Inventory Visibility

i-Supply delivers real-time visibility into the status of available, required, and in-transit inventory—and allows you to share that view with your suppliers, improving buyer/supplier communication and efficiency. The solution also provides dynamic inventory management and order scheduling tools to ensure you have the right inventory, at the right levels, at the right time.

Inventory Management & Savings

i-Supply’s management controls and dashboards display dynamic summary views of inventory, shipping, receiving, and related data, and allow you to drill down to examine forecast demand, supplier capacity, projected inventory, actual usage, and more. By providing continuous visibility into inventory status, i-Supply helps you communicate your business needs more accurately, minimize express delivery charges, and reduce safety stock levels.

Improve Buyer/Supplier Collaboration

With i-Supply, you can share a common dashboard with your suppliers, providing them with real-time visibility into key inventory status data, including stock on-hand, forecast, usage, orders, shipments and receipts, and exceptions. This shared view helps your suppliers respond more efficiently to your needs and work proactively to meet cost, process, and customer service goals. i-Supply also includes a supplier performance rating system that helps you easily and fairly assess supplier effectiveness, so you can recognize top performers and identify areas for improvement.

Accelerate Reaction Time

With dynamic inventory management and lean logistics and order-scheduling tools, i-Supply helps you react quickly to changes in consumption and forecast. Equipped with this information, you can optimize your inventory levels and minimize redundant stock, excess inventory, and stock-outs while reducing the time spent on day-to-day, tactical inventory management.

Support Global Operations

Designed to support enterprises anywhere in the world, i-Supply is available in 11 languages, including English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Korean, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Romanian.

Get Lean, Realize Savings

After implementing i-Supply, manufacturers quickly recognize measurable improvements in a number of operational areas, including:

  • Reduced working capital – with some customers reporting reductions of up to 30%
  • Reduced inventory and safety stock levels
  • Reduced stock-outs
  • Reduced express delivery charges
  • Transition from spot buy PO’s to longer-term blanket PO’s

Collaborative Inventory Management

Companies that implement i-Supply enjoy profound efficiency gains and cost reductions, as well as improved business collaboration with their supplier partners.

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