IMI Supply Chain

Optimize Distribution Operations Throughout the Supply Chain

Whether deployed individually or as an integrated solution, the two components of IMI Supply Chain – IMI Advanced Order Management (AOM) and IMI Warehouse Management System (WMS) – deliver powerful solutions that enable full inventory visibility, streamlined processes, and real-time production control.

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Powerful Order Processing

IMI Advanced Order Management (AOM) delivers powerful order processing capabilities, improving customer service and increasing capacity. It supports high-volume EDI order processing and provides web services integration, making online order entry efficient and user-friendly. It responds immediately to orders with accurate sourcing and available-to-promise (ATP) information, along with insights into pricing and credit exposure, replacements and substitutions, holds and exceptions, and more. The system also supports customer profiling with bill-to, sell-to, ship-to settings, helping you provide the right levels of service, pricing, and handling to every customer.

Pricing & Promotion Management

With IMI AOM, pricing and promotions can be offered and calculated at the individual order line level. The system contains complete pricing information down to the item and supports customer-specific pricing according to different agreements. Its flexible pricing models can leverage base and market price lists, customer agreements, discounts, and more, and promotions can be applied based on time periods, customer and product segmentation, and auctioning. The system also provides full visibility into price list generations and history, margin calculations, and weighted landed cost.

Demand-Driven Supply Management

IMI AOM enables flexible multi-channel supply sourcing and distribution with a dynamic selection of best source and availability-based sourcing rules. Each individual order line can be given its own shipping location and delivery date (as requested by the customer) and optimal source. The system also supports advanced replenishment planning with dynamic product selections, relevant forecasting methods, and purchase order generation – all based on real-time order and inventory information.

Inventory Visibility & Reverse Logistics

AOM covers all the inventory locations within your enterprise, providing multi-site visibility and control across various legal entities and warehouses. It provides insights into time-phased availability and status, best usage of available stock, event-based (re)reservations, reservations against in-transit shipments, rationing, hold codes, and more. All kinds of products – including kits, lot/batch products, serialized products, packing material, and service products – can be tracked and controlled. The system’s reverse logistics features support customer and vendor return processes, including flexible return order processing, claims and replacements, and credit notes.

Automated Billing & Settlement

IMI AOM automates invoicing and transaction posting for a more streamlined billing and settlement process. Its invoicing tools provide flexible profiling and triggers with configurable frequency, charges, consolidation, and timing settings. The system also streamlines internal transfer settlements via internal transfer price lists and fully automated billing between legal entities. It can even automate vendor invoice matching based on vendor price list calculation. AOM also offers a Generic Financial Interface (GFI) for integration with financial systems, allowing synchronization of master data, account plans, and currencies, and flexible mapping of AP, AR and GL transactions.

Automated Wave Management

IMI Warehouse Management System (WMS) supports Automated Wave Management, allowing you to use departure deadlines to drive pick production and generate departure schedules with delivery and production deadlines. Pick waves can be released automatically, using the departure schedule as the default wave trigger — no manual work required. The system also supports integration with transportation systems, enabling it to receive route schedules from dynamic route optimization software or interact with carrier compliance solutions.

Dynamic Pick Optimization

IMI WMS enables smarter splitting and order consolidation with dynamic pick optimization. The system improves customer service by leveraging constraint-based algorithms to continuously build optimal pick load carriers across orders. It combines pick load carriers for best order according to picking strategy and product availability, and calculates in expected duration to optimize pick walks. Late incoming orders can be merged with existing orders, and optimal configuration can be re-planned until pick walk starts. WMS also supports value-added services and post-pick operations, including batch picking with sorting, assembly and kitting, packing, consolidation, and more.

Streamlined Work Processes

IMI WMS optimizes a range of work processes to simplify processing and improve resource utilization across your warehouse. Advance shipping notice (ASN) and scan-based automatic identification add efficiency to the receiving and movement process, while task interleaving can be completed via mobile device, allowing users to operate the system directly from the floor rather than from a far-off control center. All processes are supported with defined workflows, and alternative flows can be configured as needed. Real-time updates enable cycle counting and slotting during production and enable pick faces to be remodeled without shutting down.

Real-Time Production Control

IMI WMS supports real-time production control, including detailed task control and predictive monitoring. With WMS, you can easily assign work priorities based on time constraints and monitor the tasks that are most critical to assign and dispatch. Time windows are supported for all activities, allowing tasks to be automatically optimized and dispatched based on distance, priorities, user profiles, and equipment profiles. The system also supports process monitoring and transaction visibility and traceability by logging all transactions with start and end times. Predictive monitoring tools can be used to signal potential delays in production.

Built-In Workforce Management

IMI WMS centralizes work schedules, worker profiles, and equipment profiles in a single location, eliminating the need for a separate labor management system. The feature provides supervisors with visibility into estimated and actual task start and end times, allowing all activities to be measured and logged as a basis for performance monitoring and analysis. Workload and capacity monitoring tools visually track the progress of every process, and can be used to display status updates in the warehouse.

True Multi-Site & Multi-Client Support

With the IMI WMS solution, you can support all of your warehouses in a single system, sharing common master data regarding products, load carrier types, codes, carriers, suppliers, and customers across multiple sites. Plus, leveraging the system’s client and warehouse profiling tools, you can create client-specific profiles with applicable products, customers, suppliers, process rules, codes, and filters, making it easy to provide tailored service to every client.

All-In-One or Standalone Deployment

IMI Supply Chain is comprised of two complementary solutions – IMI Advanced Order Management (AOM) and IMI Warehouse Management (WMS) – which can be deployed together as an end-to-end, integrated solution, or individually as standalone solutions.

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