Optimize Global Trade Management

TradeBeam offers a wide range of tools to help you streamline and optimize every aspect of your international trade operations while staying in compliance with global regulations.

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Classification and Global Parts Catalog

The Tradebeam GTM software solution features a Global Parts Catalog that supports Harmonized System (HS), Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS), and Export Control Number (ECN) classifications. The product catalog contains data related to other governmental agency (OGA) requirements, trade agreements, quotas, and other details required for compliance and logistics purposes. You can use the catalog as a standalone parts master for managing product details or as a supplemental source for product classification.

License Determination and Management

TradeBeam’s License Determination and Management system reviews export shipments for license requirements or exceptions using shipment data, related country profiles, end use, and product classification. The system also provides embargo and anti-boycott screening in support of the Enhanced Proliferation Control Initiative (EPCI), and enables you to manage export licenses against quantity limits or expiration.

Automated Restricted Party Screening

TradeBeam software streamlines the screening process with an automated Restricted Party Screening engine. The system automatically screens parties involved in an export transaction against numerous lists of restricted or denied parties, including BIS Denied Parties, OFAC Specially Designated Nationals, Japanese Proliferation Concerns, and the UN Sanctions List, among many other export control lists.

End User Screening

With TradeBeam, you can perform thorough end-use and end-user screening during the order process to determine if a party’s profile permits shipment. The screening engine covers areas typically left out of the export compliance process—including red-flag checklists, diversion risk questions, and anti-boycott questions—to ensure you stay in compliance.

Order Management

TradeBeam’s Order Management tool helps you respond efficiently to purchase orders and set the initial terms and conditions of the trade. The tool enables you to manage sales orders directly or integrate orders from third-party ordering systems. You can even consolidate multiple orders into single trade transactions or divide single orders into multiple trades.

Export Document Creation & Management

TradeBeam manages the production and distribution of export documents, leveraging country pairing profiles and business partner profiles to determine the appropriate usage of statements, clauses, logos, and formatting as well as distribution requirements. It helps ensure that documents are both accurate and compliant with business agreements and regulations, enabling the swift exchange of title of goods and payments.

Integrated Reporting & Audit Trail

Integrated reporting capabilities in TradeBeam automatically track all changes to products, parties, shipments, and more, allowing you to easily create reports. And since all export documents, processes, and partner communications are archived and documented in an integrated audit trail, you’ll always be prepared for an audit.

Automated Customs Filings

TradeBeam automatically files and tracks the electronic version of the Shipper’s Export Declaration (SED) with the U.S. Census through the Automatic Export System (AES). The process is tracked all the way through to acceptance, alerting you of any potential filing issues along the way.

Benefits of a Cloud-Based Solution

With TradeBeam’s user-friendly, cloud-based platform, your enterprise can get get up and running quickly with no costly infrastructure investments, and users can access their global trade management solution anytime, anywhere.  

Additional Offerings

Restricted Party Screening (Plug-In Solution)

In addition to providing automated restricted party screening through the TradeBeam GTM software platform, TradeBeam offers a robust plug-in Restricted Party (RP) Screening solution designed for integration with virtually any ERP or other corporate system. RP Screening provides a thorough, efficient system for checking the parties you are doing business with against a vast number of restricted party lists, alerting you to potential matches. It leverages a variety of matching algorithms and offers advanced functionality such as white listing, batch screening, exact-match for foreign characters, and ad-hoc reporting. The cloud based platform is updated regularly, eliminating the need to check and update published lists from the government.

Global Trade Content Service

TradeBeam Global Trade Content is a powerful managed service that provides you with access to accurate, complete, up-to-date global trade content so you can make informed financial and compliance decisions. The service provides coverage of over 200 countries and offers access to a vast range of content options, including preferential duty rates, taxes and fees, HS codes/classification data, compliance requirements, import and export license determination, documentation requirements, restricted party data, customs exchange data, clearance data, and more.