TradeBeam is a global trade management (GTM) software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that gives companies who are engaged in international trade enhanced visibility into their supply chain and improved operational efficiency—all while ensuring compliance with complex, ever-shifting global regulations.

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Feature-Rich Global Trade Support

TradeBeam GTM software delivers end-to-end visibility and streamlined support for the entire global trade process, including restricted party screening, export license determination and management, duty rate retrieval, classification, shipment tracking, and more. The cloud-based software platform can be extended with two powerful additional offerings: a stand-alone Restricted Party Screening solution that can integrate with your existing corporate software, and a Global Trade Content service that delivers accurate, up-to-date trade content for informed, compliance-minded decision making.

Accelerate Restricted Party Screening

As an organization engaged in global trade, you must ensure you are not doing business with parties on restricted lists, but sorting through hundreds of restricted party lists can be a time-consuming drain on your operations. With TradeBeam, it doesn’t have to be. TradeBeam software delivers automated restricted party screening that runs parties against a vast number of restricted and denied parties lists, alerting you to potential matches before any business transactions occur. Want to add in-depth restricted party screening to your ERP or another existing solution? Our stand-alone Restricted Party Screening option can be easily integrated with your existing business systems.

Easily Manage Export Licenses

The proper identification, tracking, and management of export licenses is critical for businesses like yours. TradeBeam software delivers automation to help streamline these tasks and eliminate costly error. The system leverages country profiles, end use, shipment, and product classification data to review export shipments for license requirements or exceptions, and provides you with risk profiles and checklists to ensure your shipments are in sync with export regulations. It also helps you track and manage export licenses, alerting you to approaching expiration or exhaustion before it occurs.

Ensure Your Shipments Land in the Right Hands

No matter what kinds of goods your organization is exporting, you need to ensure they are delivered to the right location and recipient. TradeBeam software provides you with real-time shipment dashboards for instant visibility into order, shipment, and document status. The solution also helps you streamline the management of shipping tasks, from arranging for transportation and creating proper trade documents to tracking the shipment, clearing customs, and confirming the delivery.

Leverage the Latest Global Trade Data

TradeBeam’s Global Trade Content service gives your enterprise access to accurate, up-to-date global trade content—providing insights into preferential duty rates, compliance requirements, landed costs, documentation needs, and more. With coverage for more than 200 countries, this solution puts a world of global trade information right at your fingertips.

Avoid Fines and Legal Risk

As a business engaged in international trade, you need to ensure compliance with a vast range of ever-changing global regulations, from export license requirements to restricted party and end-use regulations. Managing these compliance processes is time-consuming and complicated, but failure to do so can expose you to serious consequences, from fines to loss of trade privileges and even criminal prosecution. TradeBeam delivers an intelligent, user-friendly solution that streamlines the difficult tasks associated with global trade compliance while preventing costly errors and oversights—so you can get back to running your business.

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