Vision Inventory Management

End-to-End Functionality for Manufacturers, Distributors, and Retailers

Vision Inventory Management delivers a comprehensive suite of applications and services that can be used independently or combined into one end-to-end solution.

V-Capture: Data Capture & Cleansing

V-Capture captures daily-level store/item inventory and sales data from retailers and cleanses it, packages it, and sends it in a stream to the vendor for ingestion into their business intelligence (BI) tools. V-Capture delivers the full scope of data from market to retailer – including digital sales data and revenue recognition – and supports a wide range of file formats and transmission methods.

V-Insight: Advanced Analytics & Reporting

V-Insight includes all of the services provided by V-Capture, plus a suite of advanced reporting and analytics tools accessible via web portal. This user-friendly tool enables vendors and retailers to access business-critical data from one centralized location, providing customizable reports and analytics to meet all of their business needs.

V-Demand: Demand Planning & Forecasting

V-Demand includes all of the services of V-Capture and V-Insight, plus access to Vision’s state-of-the-art demand planning and forecasting algorithms. The V-Demand toolkit leverages real-time data from inventory, sales, and retailer stores to generate recommendations for product mix, inventory levels, and more across every point in your supply chain. With V-Demand, you can forecast manufacturing requirements based on consumer demand, maintain the right mix and volume of product in your warehouse, and set inventory levels for retailer stores based on each store’s demographics, seasonality, promotions, shelf space, and consumer demand. You can even forecast digital sales of new items and using consumer sales data and historical trends.

V-Control: Automated Replenishment

V-Control is an advanced vendor-managed inventory (VMI) and collaborative inventory management (CIM) services package. With V-Control, you’ll be provided with automated, rules-based reordering—from production to warehouse inventory to store-level replenishments.

V-E2E: Category Management for Retailers

Retailers managing inventory across multiple stores need to make data-driven decisions on inventory placement and levels so they can reduce out-of-stocks, minimize returns to vendor, and improve sales. V-E2E Category Management provides complete visibility into what is selling best where, enabling retailers to make strategic decisions about what products should be stocked, where, and at what levels. The solution’s store-specific product mix and volume recommendations are based on real-time data about demographics, seasonality, promotions, shelf space, and demand. V-E2E can be deployed as a fully-hosted solution supported by specialized Avolin staff.