Vision Inventory Management

Vision Inventory Management

Vision Inventory Management is a fully-hosted, multi-level vendor managed inventory (VMI) and inventory management solution. Delivering real-time visibility, forecasting, and reporting across the supply chain, Vision helps manufacturers, distributors, and retailers bridge the gap between retail supply and demand and ensure the right inventory is in the right place, at the right time to maximize profitability.

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Transform Intelligence into Action

Vision Inventory Management leverages real-time customer demand data to deliver supply chain recommendations and reporting, helping you make data-driven decisions on inventory levels, mix, and allocation. Vision doesn’t simply deliver information—it gives you the tools you need to transform analysis into action and effectively manage the entire product life cycle to maximize opportunity and limit risk. Along the way, it streamlines your operations with full automation, from data collection and reporting to demand planning and replenishment.

Improve Forecast Accuracy & Planning

Vision provides full demand planning and forecasting for every point in your supply chain, from production to consumer, using advanced algorithms and daily forecasting by item and location. With Vision, you can use all available data to effectively plan each and every product in your portfolio, at a total business level down to each individual point of sale.

Accelerate Implementation & Optimize Life Cycle Management

Vision takes your plans and quickly turns them into actionable planograms, automating processes to accelerate speed to market while reducing labor costs and human error. It also gives you the power to manage your plans in real time so you can ensure every opportunity is captured and maximized. Vision’s full product life cycle management tools help you plan the product life cycle and prevent exposure to stock problems when an item is taken off range or has dropped from peak.

Leverage Advanced Reporting & Analytics

Vision delivers advanced reporting and analytics across all of your critical processes—including new release and promotional analysis, product mix analysis, and product performance reporting, along with account management dashboards, scorecards, and exception-based analysis to drive focused effort and maximum return. Detailed business reviews and KPI analysis support supplier and retailer joint planning and management.

Manage with Speed & Agility

Rather than restricting your inventory management processes to a single, static approach, Vision gives you the flexibility to review and change plans with ease so you can react dynamically to the evolving demands of your supply chain. By tapping into real-time customer demand data, Vision helps you identify and capture opportunities as they occur and allows different methodologies to be deployed at different stages of an item’s life cycle to maximize profits. Whether managed by your current team or set up using our team of category experts, Vision will integrate into your current organization quickly and deliver tangible results with limited effort at a reduced cost.

Driving Measurable Improvement

Vision empowers globally-recognized brands around the world to streamline and optimize their inventory management, demand planning, and replenishment processes. After implementing Vision, organizations report dramatic improvements to key business metrics, including:

  • 19% increase in sales (with some users reporting increases of up to 35%)
  • 25% reduction in retail inventory
  • 18% increase in product availability
  • 30% decrease in markdowns because of reduction in overstocking
  • 40% decrease in returns over like stores and periods