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Why use this solution?

Order fraud protection

Approve more orders while cutting out fraud. Receive a single, actionable score that accounts for more than just payment factors. From device fingerprinting to behavioral analytics, our scoring algorithm considers over 170 factors to determine whether a transaction is fraudulent.

Ad fraud protection

Stop common forms of advertising fraud, including click fraud, impression fraud, retargeting fraud, and affiliate fraud. Identify which ad campaigns are allowing bots to eat away at your budget and which ones are bringing in the best returns.

Site performance monitoring

Set alerts for unexpected downtime, certificate expirations, and other performance problems, which help keep your site running smoothly and let you address issues before they affect your users.

Adaptable to your business, no matter your industry

Whether it’s used for E-commerce platforms, payment gateways, online merchants or event ticketing, Avolin Protect can help retailers focus more on growing their businesses without the fear of fraud.

What you get with Avolin Protect

All Orders Scored

Receive risk scores from Avolin Protect right inside your store’s default order queue. Warning icons appear next to low-scoring orders that exhibit fraud markers and are deemed suspicious.

All Ad Campaigns Scored

Discover which of your advertising campaigns and sources are responsible for the most low-quality traffic. Direct your budget towards campaigns that score well and actually deliver.

Block Retargeting Fraud

Don’t waste revenue by remarketing to bots. Block bots and other deceptive users from getting tagged for retargeting.

Google Analytics Integration

Make remarketing more effective. Set a custom threshold to add high-scoring users to high-value remarketing audiences.

Performance Monitoring

Monitor your website’s performance from a global view, and receive alerts when issues arise or if add-ons are affecting the speed of your store.

Malware Monitoring

Protect against malware by monitoring Google’s safe browsing list for your domain. Receive alerts via email or SMS if potential malware is found.